System Incident Thursday 21st March 2019 11:03:00

Services unreachable

We can now inform that all production systems are now operational. We do apologize for this incident and it will be investigated according to our Operational Incident Process and Review Board.

IST Administration and IST Learn for all Swedish customers is now operational again.

Status for Swedish customer is that systems and services going back up one by one and right now. Dexter, RegionalSamverkan(IKE),, IST Förskola is fully functional. Partial IST Administration and IST Learn is back in order. More info will follow as soon as we can confirm everything is running.

There is still a major outage due to systems restart problems.

Root cause is corrected and services restoration is now in progress. More info will follow.

Major outage is affecting most customer using IST Administration, IST Learn, and many others. Work is ongoing with highest priority and we will continue updating progress.